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All I'm doing is trying to get through high school.





How Calgarian Mayor Naheed Nenshi handles hate

This is amazing XD

I mean, all of Tumblr wants to move to Canada.  Now we know which city.

Yep. Our mayor. I generally only follow his twitter for stuff like this.

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Of course I love you posting pictures of you and another girl looking like you’re in a relationship and saying she’s you’re woman crush…it makes me feel great!!

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Repeat after me:
I am not a problem

to be solved. Repeat after me:
I am worthy I am worthy I am

neither the mistake nor
the punishment.

Some lovely Women of Color in Disney films.

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it should be acceptable for a guy to stay the night at a girls house or a girl to stay the night at a guys house without everyone freaking out 

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Melody Partridge

"Call me the Madame."

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